Meet the Heart & Soil People’s Garden Team

Passionate Advocates for Community Empowerment, Sustainability, and Inclusivity

Get to know the dedicated individuals behind our thriving community garden, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to our shared mission.

Charlotte Sloan

Garden Manager

Charlotte is our skilled and dedicated Garden Manager. Charlotte oversees the daily operations of the garden, ensuring that our grow spaces, facilities, and programs are running smoothly and efficiently. Her wealth of knowledge and love for plants make her an invaluable resource for our members.

Nika Forte’

Founder and Director

Nika Forte is the visionary founder and director of Heart & Soil People’s Garden. With a background in sustainable agriculture, beekeeping, and community empowerment, Nika brings her passion for food sovereignty and environmental stewardship to the garden. She is also the founder of BaeHive and ABC Mobile, two successful programs aimed at uplifting women and people of color through education and skill-building.

Charlynn Forte’

Program Coordinator

Charlynn is our talented Program Coordinator, responsible for developing and implementing our diverse range of workshops, classes, and events. Charlynn is passionate about creating engaging, impactful programs that inspire personal growth, connection, and empowerment among children and members of the space.

Get Involved

Join our community of passionate individuals working together to make a positive impact on our environment, our local food systems, and the lives of women and people of color in the Phoenix area. Whether you’re interested in renting a grow space, attending a workshop, or volunteering your time, there’s a place for you at Heart & Soil People’s Garden.

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